Mobile Instant Messenger/ Presence 에서 Vodafone, 3 에서 적용한 Presence / IM 관련 Solution이다.
접근을 Presence 서버와 Client IM 위주로 했지만 타 메신저와의 호환성 및 기업용 Mobile IM등 휴대단말과 SMS,MMS,IM/Buddy와의 통합이 된 것 같이 선전하고 있다.

국내에는 INTICUBE(와 Nable(이 Preparing 중임

/>> IM
–    IMSC for Operator
–    Seamless, reliable IM service with rich features
–    Smart billing, easy to understand pricing schemes
–    Standards based, GSMA compliant meeting OMA and 3GPP standards
–    High performance, already installed in leading global operator networks
–    Award winning presence solution built-in
–    Interoperability is easy through Interconnect Platform (ICP)
–    Usability and Client diversity for both fixed and mobile platforms
–    IM service can be used with the subscribers preferred device
–    Convergence-aware and IMS ready, across fixed and mobile, public and private networks

/>> Client for Operator & Internet IM
–    Seamless log in: Server automatically recognises and logs in the user without having to enter user name and password
–    Easy contact management: Add, add from address book, block, remove and create group
–    Presence management: Up to six status options available for contacts on buddy list
–    Status management: Set own status, share / restrict status, set personal note
–    Alert settings: Alert for status change, new message or both
–    Off-line messaging: Send and receive messages when off-line like SMS
–    Multi message: Send same message to multiple contacts from buddy list
–    Group chat: Start group chat and add additional contacts
–    T9 support: Chatting works in the same intuitive way as SMS
–    Emoticon support: A familiar range of emoticons for users to express themselves quickly. New emoticons are easily added.
–    Background mode: Application can sit in the background using minimal battery until an alert is received or user wants to chat
–    SMS Inter-operability: NeuStar servers enable users to send instant messages to SMS users that arrive as SMS and receive replies that are converted back into instant messages
–    File sharing and content distribution: Share sounds, pictures and other file types while chatting.
–    Payment confirmation: The NeuStar server interacts with clients to send payment requests and get confirmations for services and content

/>> MMG for Internet IM
–    Smart, flexible billing interface
–    Rich Client support
–    Scalable, available and track proven
–    IMPS certified and complete handset integration
–    NeuStar Clients and MMS are portal-certified
–    Carrier-grade fully scalable solution
/>> EGW for Biz. IM
–  Unified Presence, IM and PIM access – allowing corporate users to access corporate contact  lists, exchange instant messages and receive  email/calendar alerts or other corporate information through their mobile  devices.
–  Delegated management – allowing enterprise IT departments to manage their company’s mobile connectivity, defining company-specific rules and security policies.
–  Built-in support – for Microsoft Live Communication Server™ (LCS™), IBM  SameTime™ and Jabber XCP™, providing an off-the-shelf solution for the majority of enterprises
–  Provides a diverse set of additional clients – including J2ME™, iMode (DoJa),  MS Smartphone™, Symbian™, BREW™, Palm™, Pocket PC™, WAP and others.
–  End-to-end secure access – to corporate resourcesIntegra.
–  Enables standard IMPS devices – with corporate Presence, IM and  PIM access.

/>> Presence
–    Presence server
–    Resource List server (RLS)
–    XDM (XML Document Management) server
–    Presence Composition Manager
–    Aggregation Proxy
–    Group Management enabler
–    Development environment for customisation
–    Flexible carrier-interfaces layer
–    Connectivity with presence network agents
–    Compliant with OMA, IETF and 3GPP standards

/>> Interconnect
–    Comprehensive network connectivity and standards support
–    Enables connectivity to other operators, the Internet IM communities and enterprise networks, removing the boundaries between user and communities.
–    Supports the IMPS SSP, SIP/SIMPLE and XMPP standards as well as protocol conversion capabilities, providing transparent interoperability
–    Flexible deployment
–    Interconnect can be provided as a managed service or installed on-site, connecting mobile, fixed, enterprise and ISP networks using diverse network connectivity topologies
–    Offers detailed billing and clearing reports, supporting the GSMA’s CPP model (calling party pays), enables operators to establish billable IM payment arrangements
–    Identity management
–    Each user is connected with the service provider of choice and at the same time able to connect to all other service providers, without the need to duplicate accounts
–    Supports Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
GSMA Support
–    GSMA Personal IM Phase I supported
–    NeuStar plays a central role in promoting Personal IM and is contributing to the GSMA efforts in this field
Carrier-grade performance
–    Offering complete redundancy and utilising NeuStar’s proven carrier-grade distributed architecture, NeuStar ICP is a highly reliable and available service

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