JSR (J2ME) Spec List

source : http://jcp.org/en/jsr/tech?listBy=1&listByType=platform

Mobile Broadcast, LASeR, MOREJ2ME, DCD 자료 조사하다 JSR Spec.까지 보게 된다.
SIP, SIMPLE, Presence, Broadcast, Messaging, Sensor, 3D등등 없는게 없네…
우리나라의 Platform WIPI와 Qualcomm의 Brew는 어디까지 되어 있는지도 한번 봐야겠다.

JSR # Specification
001 Real-time Specification for Java
030 J2METM Connected, Limited Device Configuration
036 Connected Device Configuration
037 Mobile Information Device Profile for the J2METM Platform
046 Foundation Profile
050 Distributed Real-Time Specification
062 Personal Profile Specification
066 RMI Optional Package Specification Version 1.0
068 J2METM Platform Specification
075 PDA Optional Packages for the J2METM Platform
080 JavaTM USB API
082 JavaTM APIs for Bluetooth
113 JavaTM Speech API 2.0
118 Mobile Information Device Profile 2.0
120 Wireless Messaging API
129 Personal Basis Profile Specification
133 JavaTM Memory Model and Thread Specification Revision
134 JavaTM Game Profile
135 Mobile Media API
138 Performance Metric Instrumentation
139 Connected Limited Device Configuration 1.1
143 JavaDesk
164 SIMPLE Presence
165 SIMPLE Instant Messaging
169 JDBC Optional Package for CDC/Foundation Profile
172 J2METM Web Services Specification
177 Security and Trust Services API for J2METM
178 Mobile Game API
179 Location API for J2METM
180 SIP API for J2METM
184 Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2METM
185 JavaTM Technology for the Wireless Industry
186 Presence
187 Instant Messaging
190 Event Tracking API for J2ME
195 Information Module Profile
201 Extending the JavaTM Programming Language with Enumerations,
Autoboxing, Enhanced for loops and Static Import
205 Wireless Messaging API 2.0
209 Advanced Graphics and User Interface Optional Package for the
J2METM Platform
211 Content Handler API
213 Micro WSCI Framework for J2ME.
214 Micro BPSS for J2ME Devices.
216 Personal Profile 1.1
217 Personal Basis Profile 1.1
218 Connected Device Configuration (CDC) 1.1
219 Foundation Profile 1.1
226 Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API for J2METM
228 Information Module Profile – Next Generation (IMP-NG)
229 Payment API
230 Data Sync API
232 Mobile Operational Management
 234 Advanced Multimedia Supplements
238 Mobile Internationalization API
239 JavaTM Binding for the OpenGL® ES API
242 Digital Set Top Box Profile – “On Ramp to OCAP”
246 Device Management API
248 Mobile Service Architecture
249 Mobile Service Architecture Advanced
253 Mobile Telephony API (MTA)
256 Mobile Sensor API
257 Contactless Communication API
258 Mobile User Interface Customization API
259 Ad Hoc Networking API
266 Unified Message Box Access API (UMBA-API)
271 Mobile Information Device Profile 3
272 Mobile Broadcast Service API for Handheld Terminals
278 Resource Management API for JavaTM ME
279 Service Connection API for JavaTM ME
280 XML API for JavaTM ME
281 IMS Services API
282 RTSJ version 1.1
287 Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API 2.0 for Java METM
288 Adaptive JavaTM ME System API
290 JavaTM Language & XML User Interface Markup Integration
293 Location API 2.0
297 Mobile 3D Graphics API 2.0
298 Telematics API for JavaTM ME
300 DRM API for JavaTM ME
302 Safety Critical JavaTM Technology
304 Mobile Telephony API version 2
307 Network Mobility and Mobile Data API
927 Java TVTM API 1.1

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