Mobile Messaging Awards 2006

160 Characters ( )에서 모바일메시징 Awards Winner 리스트이다.
매년 MEF와 함께 같이 Awards 수상을 하고 있다.

  • Most effective device or software for data input
     – Zi Corporation (Canada) – Decuma Version 4
  • Best SMS and/or MMS Network Infrastructure
     – Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) (UK) – Votewinner
  • Best messaging application: consumer
     – Bubble Motion Pte Ltd (Singapore) – Bubble Talk
  • Best messaging application: business
     – Mobiqa (UK) – Mobi-tickets for the Red Bull Rail Storm
  • Best messaging application: public sector/not for profit
     – Greenpeace (Argentina) – Green lobby mobileactivism
  • Best new mobile email and/or IM application
     – Thumbspeed Inc (USA) – 3MC Mobile IM
  • Biggest impact of mobile messaging
     – Spinvox (UK) – Voicemail-to-text service


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