MySelf 2.0

What’s mySelf 2.0 ?

* Network

  • ADSL/Cable –> Full Wireless with WCDMA, WiMax, Fon Network, seamless network wiress cross network
  • Fail over server system –> GRID based non-stop, whole-wide endless network super computer server.

* Life App

  • Collaboration –> Presence based VoIP, Instant Message, Conference, PTT
  • Internet Browsing –> Open Source browse with standard fully sync bookmark, session, cookie, history, id/pass information
  • Mail client app –> WEB Mail like with few tera-byte
  • PIMS application like outlook –> shared base Calendar, Addrbook, Note, Todo
  • Shopping Note –> WEB Notepad
  • Music/Movie Player –>   WEB Streaming player like shared based music                                        
  • Photo Album  –>  Shared base Blog, Flickr with unlimited storage
  • Individual Project –> Shared collaborated WEB base Project management system
  • USB memory –> WEB Storage Tera-byte capabile
  • Office/Word/Excel –> WEB Office like Google Word/Spread,  Office  ver. WEB

And in my tomb, USB memory with my id/password will be in my hand.


Peter Kim에 대하여

Peter Kim(김태영) PMP, Certified SAFe 5 Scrum Master (SSM), Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®), Project Research Inc., CEO / Founder, +82-10-9344-7505

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